Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 - I'm going to be better

I'm going to be a better blogger in 2015 - I hope!  I have been so horrible that I am almost a non-blogger!  I always forget to photograph my work - and then I end up giving it away or selling it off before I remember to take photos.

I really am going to try harder to correct that this year.  I have set a goal to be in a few Christmas and Holiday Shows in 2015 so I will be spending my year tatting - 1000's of items.  I am hoping I can remember to post when I do photograph finished projects.  (Friendly reminders and non-gentle nudges would be very helpful!)

So, with that in mind..... I am once again starting the New Year off with 25 Motifs to be tatted.  Please don't give up on me.  I am working hard to accomplish my goal.  (I've tatted over 25 every time I've joined the challenge - I just forget to post them!)  This year will be different.


Happy Tatting!