Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Small Break

Taking a break from Christmas Tatting for just a moment!

I have had to make Lace by the Yard for the lovely lady who uses it as trim for baby blankets!  She has been using my lace for over 5 years, and still making blankets for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
While making lace for her, I was inspired to make a Rocking Horse for her, too!

This horse is made with Size 10 - White - Crochet Cotton.  

For those who don't know - my mother has Alzheimer's.  So, every year I try to raise funds to donate to Alzheimer's Association and I participate in the Alzheimer's Walk.  With that in mind, everything that I sell during this time of year 100% of the funds goes to Alzheimer's!  

Since I am busy trying to raise funds, I thought Why not make Awareness Bracelets?!  So, I tatted one for me!  

Light Blue for Thyroid Disease (me), Purple for Migraines (me) and Alzheimer's (Mama). (Sorry for the poor photo quality - I took this photo with my tablet.

Then I decided to do all Purple for Alzheimer's!

Then I thought about my friends who support other causes and decided to tat up some others.

These are for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

Pink - Breast Cancer 

Blue & Pink - Adoption, Lost Child, Birth Defects, etc.

Red - American Heart Association, DARE, MADD, etc.

These aren't new ideas - I have been making these split ring bracelets for years, just never thought about making "Awareness Bracelets" until this year!  

I also make Team/School colors!

And, that brings me through the month of July with my tatting!

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