Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tatting - Too Busy to Post

I have completed the 25 Motif Challenge each and every year - but I get so busy tatting that I run out of time to post!  

With Mother's Day out of the way (and no tatting for Father's Day) I have started on my Christmas tatting.  I made over 165 bookmarks to give to the ladies at church this year.  A few years ago it was lace edge hankies.

Here are some photos of the bookmarks given away.

This one is Mexicana and Myrtle Green - The pattern is one I converted from an old edging pattern.  After making these, I found several patterns online that are similar to this design - Great minds tat alike?!

 This pattern came from the Bestitched newsletter - a while back.  I didn't want the second row of rings so I left them off and just added a row of chains instead.  It was still a bit bigger than I wanted, but oh, it worked up great!

This cross came from an edging.  I just turned the rings a bit.  Again, I've found many websites with similar crosses - and I still like it.

The butterflies were in the Handy Hands catalog as the free pattern one time.  I love the bright colors.  The flowers are doodles that I do when using the last bit of thread on a shuttle.  I've even framed them and made a flower garden.

 This pattern came from a website and I have lost the link - if you know it, please let me know so I can give credit to the designer.  This was the only bookmark made from the pattern - not because I didn't like it, but because I decided to keep it! :-)

These are from the Bestitched newsletter (mentioned above).  Instead of adding a round of chains (or rings and chains as the original pattern had) I decided to just do the inner round.  It worked up great and was the perfect size!

This is from the Wavy Edge pattern from:
I really enjoy working this one up.  The variegated colors look better to me than the solids.

This pattern came from
It is not exactly like it - but it is where I fell in love with adding a butterfly to a bookmark.

So that's 8 of my 25...  I haven't taken pictures of my Christmas tatting yet - I'll try and get those up shortly.

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