Thursday, June 12, 2014

Christmas Tatting

I have thought about doing a "12 Days of Christmas" theme with tatting...or maybe "12 Flakes of Christmas" would be better as all 12 tatted items in the theme will be snowflakes or starflakes.  I have not looked for patterns for the traditional 12 Days of Christmas items.  I'm sure they are out there with the brilliant minds in tatting design!  If you know of any - let me know - I'd love to see them - but won't be tatting any! :-)

I'm impressed with all the 3D Christmas ornaments I've seen.  There are some truly beautiful things out there.  I'll stick to my simple things - but love the eye candy the others offer! 

I've been working on my Christmas Tatting and thought I'd share what I've been working on.

This tree is a very simple ring/chain design with a gold ring on the top.  

This simple tree with a simple gold ring was a quick to-tat item while waiting on my husband at Emory.

This same tree was laying around on my desk when I was playing with the gold thread and I thought I'd pop a top on it.  I think the topper is too big for the tree, though.

This same design, but slightly larger, was tatted in a Forest Green thread.  I used a matching ring for a topper.  I really like this pattern - it's simple and quick to tat.

This snowflake is the Daisy Snowflake from Vida Sunderman's Tatted Snowflakes.  I have to confess it is one of my favorites to tat up.  (side note - I crocheted the blanket beneath the snowflake!) 

This is the Dancing Snowflake from The Big Book of Tatting.  It's a quick tat - and cute, too!

Jack Frost Snowflake from The Big Book of Tatting - I like this one, but I like a smaller version - I leave the last round off and call it the Mini-Jack.  

I believe this is the Ribbon Floss Snowflake from Vida Sunderman's Tatted Snowflakes.  If I have the name wrong, I apologize.

These are 4 different patterns of Christmas Stockings.  These were fun to tat up.  I used a pattern for an edging and just figured out where and how to turn it to make a heel.

This is a small wreath - simple to make.  I can't claim the pattern is mine but I didn't get the pattern from anyone else.  I just made a circle with the Christmas colors.

I am not sure how I feel about the Myrtle Green so I went back to Forest Green and Red for this batch. I just added some picots on the first round chain to make it more "lacy".  I like the darker green, but I know several people who love the brighter, fresher looking Green. 

Well, that's some of the Christmas tatting I've been doing - Not sure how to count them.  The Trees are basically the same pattern but with different toppers.  The Stockings are all a bit different from each other, but do I count them as one or four?  And the wreaths are two slightly different patterns - so they might count as two.    So, depending on how we add them up, I've either added Seven items or 14 to my 25 Motif Challenge this Month! :-)

OH!  And I forgot to mention that I've been tatting lace for the sweet little lady that makes baby blankets.  Five Yards at a time - I've delivered her Four packs in the past Two weeks.  That's 20 yards of lace in 2 weeks!  I'm working on another Five now - I should be finished by Saturday - just in time to get started on a special project for a friends baby!  I'll add it to the blog when it's complete and delivered! 

Tatting - Too Busy to Post

I have completed the 25 Motif Challenge each and every year - but I get so busy tatting that I run out of time to post!  

With Mother's Day out of the way (and no tatting for Father's Day) I have started on my Christmas tatting.  I made over 165 bookmarks to give to the ladies at church this year.  A few years ago it was lace edge hankies.

Here are some photos of the bookmarks given away.

This one is Mexicana and Myrtle Green - The pattern is one I converted from an old edging pattern.  After making these, I found several patterns online that are similar to this design - Great minds tat alike?!

 This pattern came from the Bestitched newsletter - a while back.  I didn't want the second row of rings so I left them off and just added a row of chains instead.  It was still a bit bigger than I wanted, but oh, it worked up great!

This cross came from an edging.  I just turned the rings a bit.  Again, I've found many websites with similar crosses - and I still like it.

The butterflies were in the Handy Hands catalog as the free pattern one time.  I love the bright colors.  The flowers are doodles that I do when using the last bit of thread on a shuttle.  I've even framed them and made a flower garden.

 This pattern came from a website and I have lost the link - if you know it, please let me know so I can give credit to the designer.  This was the only bookmark made from the pattern - not because I didn't like it, but because I decided to keep it! :-)

These are from the Bestitched newsletter (mentioned above).  Instead of adding a round of chains (or rings and chains as the original pattern had) I decided to just do the inner round.  It worked up great and was the perfect size!

This is from the Wavy Edge pattern from:
I really enjoy working this one up.  The variegated colors look better to me than the solids.

This pattern came from
It is not exactly like it - but it is where I fell in love with adding a butterfly to a bookmark.

So that's 8 of my 25...  I haven't taken pictures of my Christmas tatting yet - I'll try and get those up shortly.