Tuesday, October 8, 2013

'Tis the Season

It's looming closer to Christmas.  Seems like every year I start tatting for Christmas earlier and earlier.  This year it was in June!  Of course, I began my Christmas tatting a bit early because I donated 100% of my sells to Alzheimer's Association.  My mother has Alzheimer's and two of my aunts had Alzheimer's (both of the aunts have passed away now).

As I began my Christmas tatting, I had a dear, sweet lady ask me for 200 candles!  So on top of all the snowflakes I tat, I am working on candles!  She can only make what she calls "little tats".  like petals on flowers. She uses what I tat for her to make handmade cards - drawing leaves, bows, etc. on candles, wreaths, flowers.  She has been doing this for years and is very creative with her cards!

I always intend to post photos of my tatting, but I usually end up giving it away before I snap a photo.  This year, I am going to once again endeavor to make my 25 motifs.  Some may be repeats, some may be new-to-me designs.  But I will begin working on those just as soon as I finish these candles.

120 down - 80 more to go!  I'm about at the end of my wick! :-)