Friday, May 23, 2008

25 Motif Challenge - More

I've been busy the last week with tatting. I had to put aside the Challenge to work on some edging (as mentioned before). But I'm back to tatting on the Challenge.

Here's a heart for Motif #2. I believe this is "Heart's Desire" and I found the pattern here:

I had never attempted a heart before, but thought that it would be neat to try. I searched the Internet over, and found this one. I made one Friday night and found out that I messed up mid-way through the heart. So instead of a heart I had a diseased looking figure! LOL I decided to make it again, and to the pattern justice. So! I did, and here's the finished project. Even though it's not 'perfect' I absolutely adore it! Beautiful design - even if the tatting is not ;-)

MOTIF # 3 & 4

While I was tatting I thought I'd work on some Christmas decorations - Never too early to start those! LOL So I found these 2 angels lurking in my pattern notebook. (I have a 3-ring binder with patterns I have printed from books I own, emails and the Internet - slightly organized so I can find patterns based on Season, type...edging, doily, bookmark, etc.) These lovely ladies come from The Bitty Angel and the Simple Angel! They are sweet and simple. I adored making them. I can see a tree decked out with all Angels this Christmas!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

25 Motif Challenge

I decided to take the challenge. My challenge is not in tatting 25 motifs. It's in getting the photos and information up on my blog! :-D It's not that I'm not 'computer savvy'. I just rarely have time/camera/tatting/Internet all in the same location!

When I decided to begin the Challenge, I had already been commissioned to make lace for baby blankets. So from time to time I will have to put my Challenge on hold while I whip up 5 yards of edging for a blanket. Simple edging that is suitable for a boy or girl, that's the request/order.

Here's the finished product. I made the lace for this blanket in exchange for the blanket to give to a friend who just had her first grandbaby. I know the blanket will be well loved and cherished.

I began making this edging after I decided to take up the Challenge - but I will not count it as a motif as I will be making many more yards of this lace throughout the year!


My first Motif for the 25 Motif Challenge has been completed! I wanted to make a six-sided daisy-like pattern, but I couldn't decide what colors I wanted to use - SO, I opted for a Mossy Green, Mint Green, and Frost Green for the chains/leaves, and Pink, Purple, Maize, Peach, Violet, and Cream for the rings/petals.