Monday, September 22, 2008

More of the Challenge

I've been busy working on Tatting for Christmas. These are some of the items I've made to share this Holiday Season.

**Please note that not all of the patterns used in these photos are my own designs. I have purchased books and found free patterns online to work up. If you know where the patterns have been published, and I do not mention it, please let me know and I'll update the information. I always want to give credit where credit is due! Thanks.**

Motif #11

This is from a book - "Tatted Snowflakes" by Vida Sunderman. It is called 'Victorian Snowflake'. I believe in the book it is pictured with tiny roses in the middle. I didn't have roses, so I left it uncovered.
This was a fun pattern to work up. It is 2 rounds, but relatively quick.

Motif #12

This is from another book, "DMC Festive Tatting" and is titled "Motif #6".
This pattern is 1 round and a bit time-consuming. It's not a slow tat, though. It worked up quickly, I just found it hard to find a stopping place so I had to finish it in one sitting! I love that I didn't have to cut & tie ends or join rounds!

Motif #13

This snowflake pattern was found w online... and is titled "Elmo's Snowflake".
It is quick and simple - working in just 1 round. I love making it - and am making it for my mother-in-law. I tatted several of these this weekend while traveling throughout the state of GA. Each snowflake worked up in about 20 minutes.

Motif #14

This snowflake pattern worked up quickly, even though it was 2 rounds. I tatted it and then used gold metallic thread to tie it to the bangle/bangel. It turned out awesome! (Many thanks to Sue Hanson. She was kind enough to help me acquire the bracelet I needed!! - Super Sweet Sue!!)

I love the way this turned out. I am planning on making more like this for family members.

Motif #15

This pattern was another 2 round pattern. However, it worked up fast. I actually found a similiar pattern and by not paying attention I made errors and this is the result! I do like the way it turned out though. The original pattern was in the book "Tatted Snowflakes" by Patricia Ann Rizzo. On her pattern, the Chain only had 2 picots - I accidentally added a 3rd and did not notice until I finished it and looked at the photo and couldn't figure out why it looked different!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Still on the Challenge!

I haven't forgotten - I've just been so busy I haven't had time to take photos and post them to the blog! My daughter is playing softball (school & travel) so we are on the go alot lately with her - and my son is bowling in the Youth bowling league - so we're going with him, too. The great thing about tatting is.... It's portable! I can tat while I watch bowling, I can tat on the way to softball, or during delays, or sitting in the hotel at night. But enough of that....Now on to what you really wanted to see!

Motif # 5 - Triangle

I can not remember where I got this pattern - I've had it printed out for a long time from the Internet. (If you know where it came from, please let me know.) It's really simple and fun. I think it called for beads at the points and some other places, but I'm not a tatter who uses beads, so I left them off. I think it still turned out nice - even without beads. I'm still trying to think of ways to use this pattern. Perhaps I'll make it in Red and Green or White and use it as a Christmas Tree decoration. Maybe I will make lots of them and join them together to form a tablerunner.

Motif #6 - Star
I found this amazing blog with a pillowcase that I just fell in love with! - I believe you can find it under Tatted Pillow to Cushion the Blow
I have been looking for something 'fun' to tat to make into a shawl, bedspread, or even tablecloth. When I saw the pillowcase she made - I flipped! I begged for the pattern, but she couldn't find it, so I had to borrow her photos and try and tat by site - something I am not good at, by any means!! But I think it turned out ok! And it's such a beautiful pattern when joined together - I hope I can do it justice.

I am going to be working on that for a while and will post photos on another blog as work progresses.

Motif #7 - Medallion

I've had this pattern for a long time and I have never tatted it. I found it the other day and thought I'd take the time to work it up. It was so simple and quick that I made several and joined them before I even realized it!

I think this will look good as an arm cover for a chair, or headrest cover, maybe even a full tablecloth. The only thing I know is this is not finished! LOL I will come back to it soon.

Motif #8 - Edging

This pattern is from one of my tatting books. It didn't have a name, just a number. I have found similiar edging online called "Basket Weave Edging". It was great fun to tat. I had a lady ask me to make this for her dining room curtains. That's going to be fun! I love making edging - I like the way it looks laying curled in my lap, and 'dripping' from my shuttle. I also feel like I'm getting something done! I can see results.

Motif 9 - Dillmont Figure 22

This pattern comes from the site. It is in the DillmontTat book - Figure 22. It was made with a new thread color - I was darting through the craft section in WalMart and this thread caught my eye. It's DMC Size 10 - Color 5109. It reminds me of babies. I thought it would be neat to make this little medallion in this color - imgaine these joined together to cover a baby pillow, or sewn onto a white baby blanket.
The only think I am not happy with is the outside round. I am thinking of redesigning it a bit. I'll make adjustments and post the photos later.

Motif #10 - Bud Vase Doily

This is a simple, quick pattern that I worked up in about 20 minutes. It caught my eye and I decided to give it a try. You can find the pattern It's free - and they have several more patterns that I am going to work up, too!

Since my shuttle was loaded with the new-to-me-thread, I decided to make it with that instead of White or another color. I just adore the way it turned out. I am going to be making more of these, too.

I have more Motifs to photograph, so bear with me. I'll get them up as soon as I can. Meanwhile, I'm still tatting away!

It looks like another good day to tat!

Friday, May 23, 2008

25 Motif Challenge - More

I've been busy the last week with tatting. I had to put aside the Challenge to work on some edging (as mentioned before). But I'm back to tatting on the Challenge.

Here's a heart for Motif #2. I believe this is "Heart's Desire" and I found the pattern here:

I had never attempted a heart before, but thought that it would be neat to try. I searched the Internet over, and found this one. I made one Friday night and found out that I messed up mid-way through the heart. So instead of a heart I had a diseased looking figure! LOL I decided to make it again, and to the pattern justice. So! I did, and here's the finished project. Even though it's not 'perfect' I absolutely adore it! Beautiful design - even if the tatting is not ;-)

MOTIF # 3 & 4

While I was tatting I thought I'd work on some Christmas decorations - Never too early to start those! LOL So I found these 2 angels lurking in my pattern notebook. (I have a 3-ring binder with patterns I have printed from books I own, emails and the Internet - slightly organized so I can find patterns based on Season, type...edging, doily, bookmark, etc.) These lovely ladies come from The Bitty Angel and the Simple Angel! They are sweet and simple. I adored making them. I can see a tree decked out with all Angels this Christmas!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

25 Motif Challenge

I decided to take the challenge. My challenge is not in tatting 25 motifs. It's in getting the photos and information up on my blog! :-D It's not that I'm not 'computer savvy'. I just rarely have time/camera/tatting/Internet all in the same location!

When I decided to begin the Challenge, I had already been commissioned to make lace for baby blankets. So from time to time I will have to put my Challenge on hold while I whip up 5 yards of edging for a blanket. Simple edging that is suitable for a boy or girl, that's the request/order.

Here's the finished product. I made the lace for this blanket in exchange for the blanket to give to a friend who just had her first grandbaby. I know the blanket will be well loved and cherished.

I began making this edging after I decided to take up the Challenge - but I will not count it as a motif as I will be making many more yards of this lace throughout the year!


My first Motif for the 25 Motif Challenge has been completed! I wanted to make a six-sided daisy-like pattern, but I couldn't decide what colors I wanted to use - SO, I opted for a Mossy Green, Mint Green, and Frost Green for the chains/leaves, and Pink, Purple, Maize, Peach, Violet, and Cream for the rings/petals.